Helpful ideas how to pick a colour palette for your wedding

Wedding Colours are one of the most important factors that will effect your guest senses. It is important to be clear on what feelings you want to achieve. Best is to do some soul-searching and determine what colour is true to you and your partner. It is always good to pick a colour scheme that reflects your life or what you two like. There are lots of excellent colour Patones out there, one is the shades of Purple, Patone of 2018, this is a good idea if you want to be adventures and stand out. More subtle colour combinations are the safer option. It all depends on what your vision for your wedding is and what time of the year your wedding will take place, these all affect the colour schemes.

Most important is to pick a colour scheme that you and your partner are comfortable with and link to some emotions and memories or that is reflected in your daily life like fashion, interior decorations in your home ect, this will always create the best outcome.

If you have an idea of what type of wedding you thinking off, feel free to contact us and we can discuss a few options.

Ideas how to honor your grandmother at your wedding

Grandmothers are most of the time the foundation of the family but so many times get left behind when it comes to weddings. All the ideas given by the other professionals are all excellent. It can already start by having them by your side helping you get ready or even just be there for support. They might be able to just do a small task like helping you with your dress or putting on your vail, tying your shoes, this is a very good time to hand a very special gift over to them when it is quiet and very emotional time, like a custom-made gift that will remind them of being involved with your big day.

You or the Groom can also include them, especially in the speeches, thanking them for playing such a large roll in your life.

Organise for a special thank you song to be played in their honour.

A place at the Bridal table,if possible will be the ultimate honour.

Just a few very basis ideas but very personal and special.

What do I do if my wedding coordinator changes half way through planning?

Dear Bride,

Firstly congratulations on your big day. It is difficult when something like this happens. But not to stress, we are sure the new planner should be professional enough to be able to make sure they are up to date what is happening with your wedding. It will be a bit stressful for you at the beginning to provide them with as many information on Vendors that have been booked, and any other info on any arrangements that have been made to help them. From there, they would be able to take it over and make sure everything run smoothly until the end of your special day. 

If our company take over from another, we will do anything in our power to meet with all the Vendors, double check where they are up to, contracts, paments etc are all up to date. If anything was missed to make your vision come true, we will work around the clock to get it done. 

Good luck and I am sure it all will work out. If you have not booked a new Planner and want to have a consultations meeting please feel free to give us a call, and we can help you to make your dream day come true.